Bus goes down precipice: 48 including 30 children injured | Daily News

Bus goes down precipice: 48 including 30 children injured

Forty eight people including 30 school children were injured when a bus skidded off the road and went down a precipice on the Hatton-Dayagama Road in Hatton yesterday morning. The accident took place at around 7.00 am yesterday (02).

One of the school children who was admitted to the hospital has been transferred to the Kandy National Hospital for further treatment. The driver and conductor of the bus were also injured in the accident and were admitted to the Dikoya Base Hospital.

Doctor at the Dikoya Hospital said that the condition of the other students and passengers receiving treatment at the hospital was not in critical condition.

Police investigations have revealed that the accident had taken place due to a technical fault in the front wheel of the bus. Among the students injured in the bus accident were students of Podais Tamil Maha Vidyalaya, Ginigathhena Central College and several other schools, police said.

Passengers say that the road is in a dilapidated condition and that the bus may have fallen into potholes.