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Sajitha Anuththara Anthony
Sajitha Anuththara Anthony

The latest music video done by Sajitha Anuththara Anthony, son of veteran actor Jackson Anthony, was released amid a large number of artists and guests, which created a new platform for music lovers who endorse powerful music with meaningful lyrics where it conveys a message to the society.

It was an evening full of entertainment, music and important discussions. Chief Guest Dr Somaratne Dissanayake graced the event along with many other celebrity guests, including Sajitha’s family, friends and well-wishers. This is his maiden song release and is expected to gain maximum popularity based on the controversial lyrics of the song. Up to now, the song has attracted many reviews, comments and high praise from the audience, confirming its quality content and music. This is the first music video which Sajitha has released.

‘Kaluwara’ is based on the traditional folklore related to the ‘Kalukumaraya’, where he is known as the spirit of a young man who committed suicide who could not tolerate and keep up with the sexual desires of the king’s royal harem. Kalukumaraya is known to harass women and make them dislike men, and preventing them from marrying, when it comes to a marriageable age. After he committed suicide, he became a spirit in the form of a man who took advantage of young girls and harassed them as revenge for his plight. This of course though its main extracts are taken from some traditional folklore is based on a controversial theme, applying to both men and women. It gives us something to think about, and creates an intellectual platform to discuss about the society nowadays, where there are women all over the world who are the victims of sexual abuse and harassment, from ‘Kalukumarayas’ across the country. It further discusses about the human emotions and feelings of people, and human emotions being used with other ulterior motives.

We sat down for a chat with Sajitha Anuththara to know more about his latest release and its purposes, his future projects and aspirations rolled up on his sleeve.

Speaking about the music video, this was a result of a research which Sajitha had done.

For four years for his music degree, where they had to do a song based on a theme. This was his idea of finding out how the ‘Kalukumaraya’ concept will be applicable to the modern society, and making a song out of it. According to him, this song is based on a young man who was abandoned by his mother when he was a baby and a woman volunteers to adopt him. A doctor treats him and he loves her unconditionally, but he sees her with another patient. From there things take a different turn, and he loses all trust in women and the entire humankind, and attempts to take revenge. This indirectly brings out the demon in him, and in a way, he also becomes a ‘Kalukumaraya’ in the modern context.

Sajitha further says that the mentality to hurt people physically and mentally is in every human, which is considered to be some mental illness. But when things go into extremes such as inappropriate touching, start relationships with younger people, is all part and parcel of an abnormal behavior which has reached extremes.

We mostly hear women being physically and verbally abused by men, but it can happen the other way round too, says Sajitha. In fact, he has taken a theme which can be controversial and important at the same time.

Sajitha is the son of veteran artiste and musician Jackson Anthony, and his passion for arts began at the age of 13. He first entered the Film and theater industry in 2004 and is well known as an actor, dancer and singer. He studied at St.Josephs College, Colombo, Ananda College, Colombo, and University of Kelaniya. He made is first debut by acting in the film ‘Sooriya Arana’ in 2004, which became the highest earning Sri Lankan film of all time. Later on he went on to win the Jury Award Performance in 2005 at the Presidential Awards for the film ‘Sooriya Arana’. He also starred in films such as ‘Kurulu Pihatu‘’, ‘Aba ’ and ‘Gaadi ’ (which has not been premiered).

Not only in music, he excels in dancing skills too. In 2013, Sajitha participated at Sri Lanka’s most majestic dancing reality show, Derana City of Dance - Season 4, winning 1st place in the contest. He was able to learn various dancing techniques from the island’s leading choreographers including techniques such as, Traditional Sri Lankan Dance, Modern Contemporary and the basics in Latin-American, Ballet and Hip-hop. Using the best of techniques and content in creating music, Sajitha released his first debut single “Swarnapaliye” in 2016, featuring Sanuka Wickramasinghe. The song was taken from the movie “Aba” and embedded the style EDM (Electro-Dance Music) with Sri Lankan folk music. This song hit 2 million views in less than one-year trending number 1 on YouTube. Early January 2019, he released his second song “Mihirawa Awa”, which reached trending number 1 on the second day after its release.

‘Kaluwara’ is his first music direction , suggests that audio and visual music direction should be taken towards a new dimension. The lyrics had been written by Jackson Anthony. Music and melody has been created by Sajitha. Along with this music video, he has introduced ‘Saj Creations’ his latest production agency.

‘Kaluwara’ will indeed take the modern music industry to a new dimension, where traditional concepts , folklore will be brought to life , and create good music out of them , and apply them to the modern society as well , to convey an important message.