‘Over 1,390 Brandix employees of Minuwangoda facility tested for COVID-19’ | Daily News

‘Over 1,390 Brandix employees of Minuwangoda facility tested for COVID-19’

The management of the Brandix has issued the following statement/update with regard to COVID-19 detections at Brandix Facility in Minuwangoda

Following the initial identification of a COVID-19 infected employee at Brandix manufacturing facility in Minuwangoda, we would like to share updates in our possession thus far in an effort to keep the general public and all relevant stakeholders updated during this period. A total of 1,394 Brandix employees of the Minuwangoda facility have been tested for COVID-19 on 5, during which some waiting time was experienced due to the large quantity of tests to be completed. Thus far, 567employees have been confirmed positive.

One of the main challenges that we have regrettably experienced throughout this process is that a majority of the positive cases have proven to be asymptomatic or lacking display of symptoms associated with COVID-19. We continue to engage with the relevant authorities and are doing our utmost to look into the care of those affected while transferring their family members and close contacts to quarantine centers.

“We are additionally taking every measure possible to make them comfortable during their stay. The well-being of our employees, communities and our nation continue to be our priority.”

“We also remain truly appreciative of the support and counsel extended to us by the Presidential Secretariat, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Health and Sri Lanka Army to navigate through this situation.”