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COPA mechanism to report corruption in the offing

The Committee on Public Accounts (COPA) directed its attention on developing a mechanism to make way in order to immediately report corruption and irregularities being carried out in State Institutions.

This was taken into discussion when the COPA committee, chaired by (Prof.) Tissa Vitarana. met in Parliament yesterday (06).

He further stated that the forthcoming meetings will be open to the media at the meeting held in order to enlighten its members of the process of conducting COPA meetings henceforth.

The Chairman pointed out that the Committee should pay special attention to find the root causes of the issues highlighted in the audit reports. He further pointed out that in accordance with the powers vested in Parliament and the Committee, measures should be taken to resolve issues in the State Institutions and assess the finances provided by the Parliament its performances.

In expressing views, the Auditor General stated that special attention should be extended not only towards financial audit but also at the performance of institutions. He also pointed out that opening the committee to the media would facilitate the work of the committee in a more efficient manner.

State Minister and former COPA Chairman Lasantha Alagiyawanna, said the Committee on Public Accounts of the 8th Parliament played a significant role. In further emphasis the former Chairman stated an orderly mechanism to evaluate 844 state institutions was introduced and it is imperative to continue the same going forward.

He also stressed that the revenue earning institutions should be brought before the committee and inspected immediately. Accordingly, summoning the Inland Revenue Department, Sri Lanka Customs and Excise Department before COPA on November 3, 4,5 was decided conclusively.