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Do not make false allegations against military - Fonseka

Prabhakaran was a terrorist leader clad in a uniform and issuing orders to his men, his wife was heading the supplies division, his older son was a Colonel in the terror outfit, his daughter was a female Major in the terror outfit and even his youngest son was a commanding officer of the LTTE baby brigade.

Hence, don’t think that there were any innocent members in Prabhakaran’s family, said SJB-MP Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka.

He was speaking in response to a statement made by Selvarajah Gajendran in Parliament yesterday alleging that the military had killed Prabhakaran’s youngest son.

“I would like to point out that Prabhakaran’s family was destroyed and we only found the bodies of Prabhakaran and his older son. However, KP had later raised the question as to how Prabhakaran’s wife, daughter and youngest son died. We too saw the photograph of Prabhakaran’s youngest son inside a bunker covered in a sarong similar to the ones worn by Tamils. Had he been in our custody we would not allow him to be covered in a sarong, we would dress him in a trouser and shirt. In addition, a uniformed man is seen standing next to him, dressed in a camouflage kit similar to that worn by members of the Indian Army. In fact, only the LTTE terrorists wore such uniforms. Therefore, I urge you not to make false allegations against the military,” said Fonseka.

In addition, responding to the statement made by Selvarajah Gajendran in Parliament yesterday, MP Sudharshana Denipitiya requested that the statement referring to the Sri Lanka military as child murderers be taken off the Hansard.

The Chairman of Committees occupying the Chair however, noted that it was Gajendran’s opinion but said the matter would be referred to the Speaker.