Financial challenges deter Megapolis progress in 2019 | Daily News

Financial challenges deter Megapolis progress in 2019

The Ministry of Megapolis noted that it faced considerable financial challenges to achieve its set objectives in 2019. The Ministry noted that ‘although the provision was allocated for projects from the budget, the required imprests were not received as appropriate.’

The Port City project was vested with the Urban Development Authority in 2019 with the land premises declared as a special ‘Urban Development Area’. The total project area is 446.61 hectares. These were made public by the Performance Report of the Ministry of Megapolis submitted to parliament made public recently.

The performance of the Ministry was also hampered by the Easter Sunday attacks, a shortage of labour, security regulation, and the inability to obtain assistance from foreign specialists due to visa issues.

The first multimodal transport centre in Kandy was initiated. Pumping stations in Ambathale Station and St Sebastian’s North were not completed. Flood control infrastructure around the Royal College region was hampered by heavy rainfall. Long term plans to manage urban solid waste in Aruwakkula were hampered with protests and the delay of the Kelaniya exchange.The Ministry spent Rs 107 million on wages. 63 projects were commissioned inclusive of 10 bus stands, 10 weekly fairs, 11 multipurpose buildings, 6 vehicle parks, and 18 entertainment facilities.

The National Physical Planning policy was developed by the Ministry which defined regions in the Central, Eastern, Northern, Southern, North Western, North Central, and Uva provinces being highly sensitive and requiring conservation.

Regions in the Western, North-Western, and Southern Provinces were deemed less sensitive to conversation issues. In terms of livable space the Western Province and corridors extending into the North Western province and along the coastal belt to the Southern province were deemed to be highly livable space.