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Rocking it, salsa style

Salsa and Latin American dance is the language of love, passion and desire through its exquisite movements. The perfect synchronization of this dance style and its sublime coordination has the audience spellbound. Recently at the Movenpick hotel, Star Latinos

Dance Academy lead dance instructor Kasun Dias along with his beautiful and elegant co-instructor Anastasia April delivered a stunning Salsa and Latin Dance performance that was admired by everyone in the room. This was a dance performance that showed exactly what it is to be a part of this Star Latinos Dance Academy and how it can transform your life through the power of Salsa and Latin American Dance.

The Dance Academy has one target in mind. And that is to be Sri Lanka’s Premier Salsa and Latin American Dance Institute. Like a Lioness moving in for the kill when she sees an antelope, A&N investments saw the potential in the Academy. A&N investments trio Achala Gamage, Nishan Rajakaruna and Pradeep Jayasinghe joined the Board of Directors of Star Latinos Dance Academy earlier this year. The trio that founded A&N investments has the ability to see ahead. In other words, they are able to see the potential in an enterprise like Star Latinos Dance Academy that can revitalize a person’s social life. Dance enables people to meet each other and it enables people to improve their social lives. Human beings are social animals. Aristotle the legendary Greek philosopher said, “Man is by nature a social animal’. Even though Aristotle did not do Salsa and Latin American Dance, his idea applies to the 21st century. Dance is an excellent way to socialize.

Kasun Dias and Anastasia April will be conducting the academy’s dance courses at the prestigious location of the Movenpick Hotel in Colombo. It is the perfect setting for dance.

Star Latino’s have won over 60 competitive dance medals and from 2016 – 2019 they have won more than 80 percent of Street Latin Medals. Kasun is not only Asia’s 1st Alma Latina certified Salsa Bachata instructor, he is Sri Lanka’s first Nelson Campos certified Kizomba instructor and Asia’s first level 5 Kizomba instructor.

Now the general idea for A&N Investments is to open three more Latin Dance training centers across the country and plan on strategic partnerships with leading corporates whereby classes can be offered as an incentive while cross promotional activities can be done through the academy and within the club.

The academy is where dreams come true. Individual attention and one on one guidance is given by the trained instructors. It is perfect for absolute beginners to intermediate and competition level dancers. If you are Latin Dance Enthusiast then Star Latinos Dance Academy is the place for you.

“Star Latinos Dance Academy has been revitalized, revamped and restructured. It is now a fully fledged academy and it is set to be Sri Lanka’s premier Salsa and Latin American Dance Institute. Achala Gamage, Nishan Rajakaruna and Pradeep Jayasinghe are three of the leading entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka. They saw the potential of what Kasun Dias had to offer. We are now planning on taking this to the next level. The academy offers personalized training. This is for everyone and anyone who is passionate about dance.

Dance is a skill and you don’t necessarily have to be born with the talent to dance. It is a skill which you can learn. This is an opportunity for each and everyone. In one month you can see the results and this we guarantee. After that you can decided whether to continue with us and then you will learn more advanced techniques. These classes will be conducted at the Movenpick hotel,” said Sister Company of A&N investments, Stratmark Intelligence, Chase D. Chase D went on to elaborate saying that there are unmatched levels of comfort and it is serene. It is a safe space to conduct your dance classes.

“Dance is also all about health and fitness with wellness benefits. Also, I need to point out that the Academy has an affiliation with Alma Latina USA, the world’s largest Salsa and Bachata institution. This affiliation allows the academy to award medals on behalf of Latin Dance Students in Sri Lanka,” said Chase D. Daily News spoke to Kasun Dias, the talented and brilliant dance instructor who will be a huge influence in the lives of those that come to the academy.

“We started this dance academy in 2012, and at the beginning it was a multi style dance academy and then we changed it to a Street Latin Style dance academy. It is something special to Sri Lanka because I think we tend to mix up all these styles together. So, we specialize in street Latin, which is Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba. I started in 2007 as a ballroom dancer. I also won many awards. But the problem was in ballroom dancing I did not have the freedom to express myself. Then I found about this style of dancing which gave me so much freedom and a range of so many things you can do. I believe that for our stressful day to day life, this dance style is the best medicine,” explained Dias.

Enjoying with the music and enjoying with another person is so important because life is nothing without passion.

“What I want to say to everyone is that dancing can be a way of life. I ask everyone to just release themselves. Just relax. We all have our jobs and our day to day life. Dance helps you find that peace. I believe Sri Lankans are very good natural dancers. I urge everyone to try this out. I love it because I get to travel and teach other people in the world. I also see my students enjoying the dance classes. I love dancing myself and it is such a pleasure to dance with people. I just want to share this with everyone else. I have been invited for so many festivals. I have traveled to Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, China, India and Indonesia. It has been a really great and unique experience for me and Anastasia April. She loves dancing and we love doing this together,” pointed out Dias.

Pictures by Ruwan de Silva