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Pink power!

Women’s breast cancers are common in countries world over. Three quarter of women are diagnosed with this disease and they can be treated successfully. Sri Lanka Cancer Society (SLCS), Public Education Committee, Chairperson Indrani Nanayakkara made these remarks at a seminar on ` Cancers could be cured with early detection’ held at SLCS Auditorium, Colombo 7.

Over 80 females attended the event. The seminar was conducted to coincide with the “International Breast Cancer Awareness Month” which is celebrated all over the world from October 1 to 31.

Nanayakkara said the ‘International Breast Cancer Awareness Month’ was declared to create awareness among every woman to become aware of this disease.

“Our objective is to enlighten female adults on how to reduce breast cancer, its symptoms and treatments,” she added.

She said it is important for women to know about the breast health as they should always become familiar with their own breasts.

“Breast Cancer is the development of abnormal cells in the breast and these abnormal cells grow out of control and spread to other organs of the body.”

She also highlighted that the family history of relatives such as mother, daughter and sister are the high risk factors of breast cancer. It can happen at any age especially to those over 50 years.

She said, “Early breast cancer is usually painless with few symptoms. You should take note of a lump or thickening anywhere in the breast, skin dimpling, a pushed in nipple, a discharge from the nipple, a change in the shape of the breast, raised or thickened skin, change of colour in the skin, continuous tiredness and feverishness. These are the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.” .

She said females who are having the signs of breast cancers should refrain from bearing a child or breast feeding.

The Chairperson further said mammography is a technique using x – rays to examine the breast for tumours and biopsy. Self-examination, regular screening and medical help is the best way to detect breast cancers.

“Two percent of men in the world too are prone to breast cancers. Everybody should remember most breast lumps are not cancers,” she said.

She said that the internationally accepted ‘Pink Ribbon’ is the emblem of breast cancer. In Sri Lanka these ribbons are sold at various super market outlets, banks and especially at girls’ schools to create awareness. SLCS is requesting people to buy a Pink Ribbon and support to spread the message.