‘Disciplinary action against private bus drivers, conductors without facemasks’ | Daily News

 ‘Disciplinary action against private bus drivers, conductors without facemasks’

Private bus drivers and conductors have to wear face masks during their official duties. Otherwise, strict disciplinary action will be taken against them , Federation of Provincial Passenger Transport Chairman’s Association Chairperson Ramya Kumara Weerasinghe yesterday said.

He said that they must even tell passengers without face masks to wear them.

Weerasinghe was speaking at a recent media briefing at the Central Provincial Transport Authority.

He said that 75 per cent of the passenger transport sector is covered by the private sector and therefore, the Chairmen of the provincial transport authorities have a great responsibility to formulate a formal programme to save the passengers from the COVID-19.

The Chairman said that the nine provinces will unite and implement a programme in this regard.He said that the bus owners had faced unprecedented difficulties with the COVID-19 crisis and when the country was gradually recovering, another wave of the virus had hit plunging the industry into further difficulties.