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Lanka Alzheimer’s Foundation receives acclaim in World

The state of the art activity centre of the Lanka Alzheimer’s Foundation (LAF) has been featured in the World Alzheimer Report 2020 for its unique design and features that support people with dementia.It is a haven in Maradana for persons suffering from Dementia and was opened in 2011. A brainchild of Lorraine Yu, the founder Director of LAF, it is an eco-friendly and people centred building with landscaped gardens.

On September 21, Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) launched the World Alzheimer Report 2020 focussing on Design, Dignity, Dementia: Dementia-related design and the built environment.

The first of its kind, the World Alzheimer Report 2020 is the most comprehensive and in-depth look at dementia related design and the built environment. It looked at progress to date, pioneers and innovators, design principles, application, regional and cultural contexts, and the importance of including people with dementia in all aspects of design, and poignantly the role of design during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

Across two volumes, including 84 case studies, the report looked at design in home/domestic settings, day and residential care, hospitals and public buildings and spaces.

The following were the criteria for the showcasing of the LAF centre in the report.

  • Safety
  • Good lines of sight to help people living withdementia to see the key places they want to go to
  • Good lines of sight for supervision of people livingwith dementia
  • Familiar furnishings
  • Easily found and unobstructed access to a garden,courtyard or outside space
  • Opportunities to bring in personal items
  • Being designed with a specific vision of how peopleliving with dementia should be supported.

The Report also carries the plan and layout of the Centre and pictures of the Activity Centre. This recognition in ADI's Global Report is indeed an achievement for LAF.