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Sri Lanka Army, Pride of the Nation turns 71 today

The Sri Lanka Army, the protective shield behind which our country pursues unhampered and arduous struggle toward economic growth and social development, matures into its 71st birthday today (10) as the finest and most trusted service-provider whose scope of dedication, courage, devotion to duty and self-sacrifice has commanded the admiration of the Nation more than ever before.

Founded on 10 October 1949 as the Ceylon Army after forming its first regular

force under the command of Brigadier R. Sinclair, the establishment of its own Military Academy in Diyatalawa afterwards saw Brigadier Anton Muthukumaru assume the mantle of office as the first Sri Lankan Commander of the then Ceylon Army.

Blossomed into a full-fledged professional Army during its life-span of the past 71 years, the Sri Lanka Army to-date has been effectively commanded by 23 Commanders, elevating the much-sought organization to impressive heights.

Needless to place on record, its expansion with 24 Regiments across the country as the most prominent security provider to all at the expense of their own lives, has won the hearts and minds of all ethnicities.