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AL exam candidates must strictly follow health guidelines - DIG

Students who will be sitting for G.C.E. Advanced Level examination from today (12) onward must follow all health regulations 100 percent to avoid contracting the COVID-19 virus, Police Spokesperson DIG Ajith Rohana yesterday said.

A photocopy or an electronic copy of the examination admission can be used as a curfew pass in the areas where the curfew is imposed, DIG Ajith Rohana also said.

He requested the students to keep a copy of the admission when they travel back and forth from the examination halls. We have specifically given directives to all police stations to facilitate students as much as possible to reach their examination halls on due time, he added. The DIG also requested the students who are resided in areas where curfew is imposed, to find the locations of the special examination centers beforehand.

“Please do not go for the wrong examination halls in the morning of the exam date. Please gather information before you leave for the exam. Make sure that students and their parents strictly follow all the health guidelines including face-mask, sanitizer, hand wash and one meter distance. Most unfortunately we saw yesterday after the Grade Five scholarship examination was over, students and parents were in front of schools discussing about the exam paper. We kindly request students and parents to refrain from such irresponsible behavior. If you love your children, if you want to stay safe during this pandemic time, please adhere to all health guidelines issued by the authorities.” DIG Ajith Rohana also said. Both students and parents should follow all mandatory health guidelines and avoid public gathering, discussions and any such communications before and after the exams are held, DIG Ajith Rohana also said.