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Update employees’ personal files in three days – Police Media Spokesperson

The Police have requested the heads of public and private institutions to update the employees’ personal files in next three days, Police Media Spokesperson DIG Ajith Rohana said.

He said that a significant factor was that the Brandix employees’ personal files had not been updated. “The telephone numbers in their personal files were not in use, and they were using other phone numbers. The addresses in their personal files at the time of recruitment are not where these workers are residing now, and they had also changed their temporary residences. This made it harder to trace these employees,” he said.

The Police Spokesman said that the danger of the virus spreading is in all parts of the country and therefore, all employees of state or private institutions should update their personal files.

“Especially, temporary employees and casual workers should provide details of their permanent, temporary addresses, and telephone numbers to their work places.

They are also required to provide an alternative contact number of a relative or close associate to obtain their details in am emergency,” he said.

Institutions should update employees' personal details within three days  [13.10.2020  09:42]

All government and private institutions are requested to update personal details of their employees' within next three days, said the Police Spokesperson DIG Ajith Rohana