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FFSL supports Govt. efforts to eradicate Covid-19

Jaswar Umar,  General Secretary, FFSL
Jaswar Umar, General Secretary, FFSL

At a time when the entire country is striving hard to combat the ‘second wave’ of the COVID-19 pandemic, the football fraternity too is making all endeavours to support the Government efforts to eradicate the pandemic from the Pearl of Indian Ocean, says FFSL General Secretary Jaswar Umar.

Even though FFSL had planned many activities in October and November to bring back a semblance of normalcy to the community and the whole country, Jaswar told Daily News: “We have already issued instructions to all our clubs and regional bodies to halt all activities until further notice, in order to support the authorities to detect the second and third contacts of the affected parties.”

FFSL was fortunate to complete the invitational tournament flagged as ‘FFSL President’s Cup’ which concluded recently, and became the first sports body to successfully conduct a fully-fledged tournament.

All matches were completed in strict compliance with Health Ministry guidelines without any issues.

It is also noteworthy to state that Football was one of the sports which got the green light to commence National training along with Cricket and Rugby soon after the ‘first wave’ of this pandemic, which has shaken the whole world by claiming several thousands of lives.

Meanwhile, the first ever Professional Football Competition – The Super League - is scheduled to commence end of November. However,due to the unforeseen second wave, depending on the situation the launch of this event might be delayed by a few weeks. Jaswar is pretty confident and very much optimistic that the Super League - the long standing FFSL dream and cynosure of eyes - will get under way no sooner the situation is brought under control.

Earlier this year, with the escalation of the pandemic FFSL contributed immensely with humanitarian relief by distributing food packs (courtesy FIFA) to more than 11,000 families Island wide, when the country was under full lock down. These relief packs were given to players, coaches, referees, and other stakeholders.

Moreover, FFSL also provided balls and other equipment to clubs based in 70 regions of the country. Jaswar was very thankful to the world governing body FIFA and the officials for accepting his timely proposal to provide help to the needy among the football fraternity.

FFSL is looking at all possible avenues to support the Government’s efforts to further assist to control the spread of this pandemic with their Island wide reg ional network. FFSL has requested all footballers and their extended families to stay safe and adhere to all health guidelines such as washing hands frequently, wearing face masks and maintaining social distance at all times. “If every individual takes care of themselves and adhere to the health guidelines, the spread of the virus could be curtailed,” concluded Jaswar, who is urging the football community to stay safe in their homes.