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Observing a small world

Queensway Girls’ International, Colombo 9
At the Prefects Investiture Ceremony
At the Prefects Investiture Ceremony

Powers of observation is a key element of Head Girl of Queensway Girls’ International, Colombo 9, Fathima Ashraff’s leadership. Perfect Prefects features Ashraff, whose tool for learning is observation.

From the very beginning Ashraff stated that the key to her success is understanding a person’s mindset. Louis Pasteur once said that ‘Chance favors a prepared mind’. However, scholars have interpreted the quote as ‘Where observation is concerned, chance favors the prepared mind’.

Ashraff is always looking and paying attention. Keeping her eyes open, noticing what others do and say and how they respond to her and others. She observes with her ears and heart. And with the information she gathers she is able to make the correct decision and understand what an individual is capable of doing.

“For me knowing a girl’s mindset is essential. As a Head Prefect I have many tasks to accomplish. So sometimes I need be brave, as I am the leader who has to assume responsibility. Yes, making decisions with your head is important but you also have to listen to your heart. This is why I believe in being kind when it comes to interacting with the girls. I need to understand a person’s personality if I want to be an effective leader. I don’t stop at knowing and doing. I feel emotion is important as well,” explained Ashraff.

Ashraff went on to say that her greatest inspiration in life is former President of India A P J Abdul Kalam. Her favorite quote from Abdul Kalam is “A Dream is not what you see in sleep it is the thing which doesn’t let you sleep”. It is a quote she believes in and which will always remind her that no goal is unattainable.

Her message to the youth is to follow their passion. Do not let anyone thwart your plans. Without being unethical you can work hard and achieve your dreams. You need to be persistent and you need to be committed. Higher education is of the utmost importance and only that will lead you to a better life. It will be a pillar to support your life says Ashraff. She went on to say that for a woman of the 21st century education is very important and is an investment in happiness. Learn and work hard. Any barrier to your education must be broken.

Racism is something she condemns because a cornerstone of her existence is the belief that humanity is sacrosanct. Every life is incredibly precious and all humans are equal elucidates Ashraff. Men and women are equal. We may belong to a different community but every single life is precious. “We must treat women with respect and such attitudes that promote violence against women should be discarded,” said Ashraff.

Ashraff’s dream is to be a doctor one day. This is because her heart goes out to those who are in trouble. She always wishes to be an inspiration to her fellow sisters, inspiring them to pursue higher education. Independence is something Ashraff values and something she hopes her fellow sisters at Queensway will aspire to. If you are financially independent then you are in control of your life.

When talking about her dream of becoming a doctor she spoke of how she would love to help those who are disadvantaged such as the poor. She even spoke of offering services free or charge.

She added that planning and executing is something she has mastered over the years. Again, her powers of observation come into play. You work with flesh and blood, body, mind and consciousness. If you want to succeed you need to understand how to plan. And you can only plan if you know someone’s mindset.

“I try my level best to see that things go smoothly and the project is completed successfully. I make sure everything goes according to the schedule. I respect my teachers because in life you need to have a certain amount of respect towards anyone. I always make sure the students under me act with decorum,” said Ashraff.

Covid19 is an extraordinary situation. She pointed out that looking out for the welfare of her fellow students is a duty that she takes very seriously. When it comes to Covid19 she is there to see the girls follow those health care rules and regulations to the letter. The Head Prefects of 2020 are in a situation their predecessors never faced. It is a new and unpleasant experience but one that must be faced with courage.

“I have had to see that every student obeys the rules and regulations. I wish to say that Queensway is very hygienic. At Queensway discipline is very important and I personally feel that without discipline you really cannot prosper. These days I am working very hard because as I stated before I want to become a doctor, so these days I am giving top priority to studies. I am doing everything for my future,” stated Ashraff.

She is a young lady who enjoys reading the classics and mystery thrillers.

Saying that Queensway Girls’ International school provides the very best education to the girls who learn there, she added that the school produces young ladies who are responsible, disciplined and committed. She pointed out that her Director, Principal and teachers have played a major role in her life. Their support and guidance have been invaluable.

Pictures by Ruwan de Silva