First Capital Wealth Fund announces dividends | Daily News

First Capital Wealth Fund announces dividends

First Capital Asset Management Limited, Managers of the First Capital Wealth Fund, announced a dividend of Rs. 100 per unit for the year 2019/20. The fund has delivered a return of 11.14% (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) since inception as at October 5, 2020.

“Astute assessment of market opportunities, leveraging on interest rate fluctuations and prudent management is attributed to the successful growth of the unit trust funds under our management” said Kavin Karunamoorthy, AGM – Asset Management, (pictured) First Capital Asset Management Limited.

“Utilizing our expertise as a specialised knowledge and industry expert, in debt market services and prominent non-bank primary dealer in Sri Lanka, we are confident that the unit trusts managed by First Capital Asset Management Limited will continue to reap the rewards of timely, well-informed investments,” concluded Karunamoorthy.