No Ruhuna University students or staff members affected by COVID-19 - VC | Daily News

No Ruhuna University students or staff members affected by COVID-19 - VC

No students or staff members are affected by COVID-19 at the University of Ruhuna, Prof Sujeewa Amarasena, Vice Chancellor of the University said in a statement yesterday.

The Vice Chancellor said there is widespread adverse publicity regarding an incident of COVID-19 at University of Ruhuna(UOR) reported in social media and inquiries by mainstream media related to this.

He explained that an asymptomatic father of a student of the UOR, linked to Brandix outbreak has been tested positive for COVID-19 on screening.

“This student has had no physical contact with the father since 27.09.2020, after arriving at UOR. The mother visited the student in the private boarding house on 04.10.2020. PCR tests of the student and her boarding mates were done on 12.10.2020. Further actions will be based on the results of the PCR tests and the instructions of health authorities. All inhabitants of the boarding house have been quarantined”. The Vice Chancellor went on to say, UOR remains open for learning activities as before. The University is strictly adhering to the health guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and University Grants Commission.

We thank all the local health staff including MOHs, PHIs of Matara, Kamburupitiya, Galle, Bope-Poddala, staff of the Epidemiology Unit and officials of the Ministry of Health for their frequent advice, supervision in order to continue educational activities and functioning of the University.

As a state university, we support the new fundamentally different approach of the Government of Sri Lanka and health professionals of continuing economic and educational activities under the COVID-19 crisis. UOR gives utmost importance to the health of students and staff in the current situation but acts on scientific evidence rather than emotions.

The University of Ruhuna has a serious doubt as to whether an incident like this should be a news item or a headline of the mainstream or social media. As a Vice Chancellor from a medical background I believe that the current role of all media has increased the stigmatization of people affected by the COVID-19 essentially damaging the control efforts of the Government.