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Former President yet to submit written evidence on instructions, orders

Former President Maithripala Sirisena said he had not yet submitted any written evidence with regard to the instructions and orders that he had given relevant officials and institutions regarding the threat on National Security by having Islamic extremism and related activities in the country.

The former President made these remarks testifying before the Presidential Commission of Inquiry probe into Easter Sunday Attacks on Saturday (17).

The Additional Solicitor General questioned the former President about the documents pertaining to the instructions that he had provided.

Replying to that, the former President stated that the relevant documents are stored in the Presidential Secretariat.

The former President also added that he had instructed relevant officials and security agencies regarding the issues related to extremist religious practices, not only at the National Security Council (NSC) but several other occasions.

He further added that although he had no records in his possession, he has fulfilled his responsibility as the President by giving necessary instructions and orders on actions to be taken regarding such matters.

He also said that the previous Government had given priority to national security and that reconciliation was just another subject which had been assigned to other ministries.