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Set for a pandemic-themed film

Anne Hathaway and Chiwetel Ejiofor have been seen shooting some of the first scenes for new pandemic-themed film, 'Lockdown', earlier this week.

Hathaway, who will play lead character Linda, could be seen looking weary while standing at an open window as she puffed on a cigarette in shots from filming.

The Oscar-winning actress, 37, was seen without make-up and her hair drawn back into a ponytail, as she cut a strained figure while gazing out onto the street.

Meanwhile, Ejiofor, 43, who was first linked to the film earlier this week and will star as Paxton, was spotted filming out on the street as he appeared to recite poetry.

In the film, Linda and Paxton are a sparing couple who decide to call a truce in order to set up an elaborate heist amid the coronavirus pandemic. Deadline