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Olaf’s Identity Crisis didn’t Start in ‘Frozen 2’

It’s so easy to overlook the fact that lovable Olaf is a wonderfully layered character in the Frozen franchise. Beyond his loveable nature and goofy giggles, is a snowman that carries some emotional weight. In fact, the recently released 'Frozen: Once Upon a Snowman short makes that point evident, acting as filler between Olaf's creation and when he first meets Anna and Kristoff. On top of that, the short also serves as an important window into the heart of Olaf’s journey of self-identity, which only hits its stride in 'Frozen 2'.

'Frozen: Once Upon a Snowman' gives a foundation to Olaf’s quest to find where he fits in and what he means to himself. This has been a consistent theme for the Frozen franchise, with Elsa spending much of the first movie running away from her true calling. The short even goes as far as to shows how Olaf really taps into the "inner child" - that purity of heart that comes with being so earnest and naïve. CBR.com