Govt should have informed WP travellers in advance - THASL | Daily News

Govt should have informed WP travellers in advance - THASL

The government should have informed the consequences to people from Western Province (WP) travelling out for domestic holidays in advance during the long week-end s President of The Hotels Association of Sri Lanka (THASL) Sanath Ukwatte said.

He said that it was a somewhat an unfortunate situation to see people being ‘locked up’ in hotels and holiday homes subsequent to the just concluded long week-end for 12 days (in addition to the 3 day holiday) for not having prior information of a ‘self-quarantine’.

He said that the ‘travellers’ in Western Province too should have been more cautious to respect the fact that there is a ‘faster spreading’ Covid-19 pandemic and remain indoors.

“People too should think that this is a necessity to maintain ‘social distancing’ and avoid crowded places which most of these holiday makers have not done.”

Ukwatte who is also the Chairman and Managing Director of the Mount Lavinia hotel said that the hotels which are accommodating these guests will look after them to the best of its ability during the ‘extended stay’ period.

Asked if the THASL would make representatives in this regard to the government he answered in the negative. “This is a complex health issue where we are not experts to get involved.” (SS)