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Traffic congestion in Gampaha district to be eased

Rural Roads and Other Infrastructure State Minister Nimal Lanza looked into the problem of traffic congestion in the Gampaha district on Friday.

Officials of the Road Development Authority (RDA) accompanied the State Minister to monitor traffic congestion in Negombo.

Accordingly, it is planned to construct and widen roundabouts at identified locations, construct alternative roads and flyovers and beautify major urban roads in the district. The State Minister said that it is very important to solve the traffic congestion in the district

as the people of the Gampaha district, which has a large population, commute to Colombo for employment and business. He instructed the relevant authorities to select one road in each electorate in the Gampaha district and construct a walking lane parallel to that road, to plant trees on both sides of the road and to beautify the main city.

Negombo Mayor Dayan Lanza, RDA Chief Engineer in the Gampaha district and a group of RDA officials were also present on the occasion.