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‘Irrigation Prosperity’ commences

Irrigation Minister Chamal Rajapaksa along with Minister S.M. Chandrasena and others at the ceremony.
Irrigation Minister Chamal Rajapaksa along with Minister S.M. Chandrasena and others at the ceremony.

Rehabilitating irrigation tanks under the ‘Irrigation Prosperity’ programme, which has been set up by the Irrigation Ministry on the sidelines of ‘Vision of Prosperity’ programme of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa was launched at the Mahaweli L Zone recently under the patronage of Irrigation Minister Chamal Rajapaksa at Kiri Ibban Wewa, Athavatuna Wewa, and Veheratenna.

Eight irrigation tanks and two anicuts will be rehabilitated at a cost of Rs.39 million covering the Mahaweli L Zone to enable its settlers to improve their livelihoods. The Sri Lanka Army will assist in the tank rehabilitation. The initial work began at Sahanwewa and Hansawila with the participation of farmers of the area.

Two hundred acres of arable land, which have been abandoned for nearly 25 years due to lack of irrigation, will be cultivated during the two seasons. Two hundred fishery families will find livelihood after the tank rehabilitation.

Five thousand irrigation tanks throughout the country will be rehabilitated under ‘Vision of Prosperity’ development programme.

The rehabilitation work of 100 irrigation tanks will begin before the Maha Season and the Army will contribute to rehabilitate 25 irrigation tanks of the 100 tanks.

Land Development Minister S.M. Chandrasena, Mahaweli Zones Canals and Settlement Infrastructure Development State Minister Siripala Gamlath, Irrigation Development State Minister Anuradha Jayarathna, MP Cader Mastan, former Deputy Minister and Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) Vavuniya District Organiser Sumathipala Premarathana, Mahaweli Zones Canals, and Settlement Infrastructure Development State Ministry Secretary, Engineer W.B. Palugaswewa, Sri Lanka Mahaweli Authority Director General Engineer Sunil S. Perera, Commander of the 621 Infantry of the Sri Lanka Army, Colonel, K.K.R.S. Parakum, Mahaweli - L Zone Residential Enterprises Manager R.M.K.B. Randeni and several Army personnel and public servants participated in inaugurating the tank rehabilitation in Weli Oya.