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COVID-19 cases detected in Batticaloa

A COVID-19 case has been detected in the 4th Ward of Kaluthavalai in the Manmunai South Eruvil Pattu Secretarial Division. His family members and close contacts have been isolated yesterday, police said.

The shops around his house have been closed. Following the detection, police called on the public to follow health guidelines with loudspeakers.

About 3,559 members of 1,592 families have been isolated after 35 persons tested positive for COVID-19 in the Batticaloa District, Batticaloa Government Agent K.Karunagaran said. The Divisional Secretariats have been providing dry provisions to the value of Rs. 5,000 with isolated families from Friday.

The most affected area in the Batticaloa District is Koralai Pattu Central, where 31 COVID-19 positive cases were detected and the least affected area is Paddipalai, where one COVID-19 positive case was detected and 47 were isolated.