Five persons, their families put under self-quarantine | Daily News
From WP to plantation prior to curfew

Five persons, their families put under self-quarantine

Five persons from the Western Province who had returned to their homes in plantation areas had been directed to self- quarantine by the Public Health Inspectors (PHIs) of the Dickoya Urban Council along with their family members on Thursday.

They have been working in Wellawatta and Mattakkuliya and have returned to Hatton, Dickoya, Norwood and Kotagala on October 30 and had been hiding without informing the Hatton Police or the Municipal Council Health Services.

Hatton Dickoya Urban Council Public Health Inspector R.R.S. Medawela said that due to the spread of COVID-19, quarantine curfew has been imposed in the Western Province and therefore, high attention is directed towards persons arriving from the Western Province by the health sectors, and the constant support from the public is expected to contain the virus in the plantation areas.