South COVID-19 cases rise to 101 | Daily News

South COVID-19 cases rise to 101

The number of COVID-19 patients in the Southern Province increased to 101 yesterday including the four cases that were detected from a coir product factory in Magalle, Galle last Saturday. About 3,953 individuals have been placed in self-quarantine, Southern Province COVOD-19 Co-ordination Office said.

Sixty nine cases have been reported from the Galle District, while the Matara and Hambantota Districts recorded 22 and 10 cases respectively, Coordination Office sources said.

Among the 3,953 persons being quarantined, 1,725 are from the Galle District, while 1,515 are from the Matara District. The Hambantota District has 713 under self-isolation.

Of the six cases detected on Saturday, four were from the coir product factory in Magalle. There were three women and one man. The other two patients are from Nagoda and Dickwella. Nagoda patient is a fish trader and the Dickwella case is a woman.

The coir factory management has taken steps to conduct PCR tests on their workforce of 292 employees. Following the medical tests, four workers tested positive for COVID-19 last Saturday. The woman COVID-19 affected are residents of Imaduwa, Nakiyadeniya, and Akmeemana, while infected men are from Midigama.

Southern Province COVID-19 Coordinating Office confirmed that a fishery businessman of Talagaswala in the Nagoda Police Division also tested positive for COVID-19 at the Udugama Hospital.

He had visited Weligama, Mirissa and Galle fishery harbours to buy fish and had sold them at the Talgaswala weekly fair.

A woman of North Suduwella in Dickwella also tested positive for COVID-19. Her husband is a driver of the Colombo Port who had tested positive for COVID-19 earlier. The driver had visited his home on October 10 and gone back to Colombo on October 28. The woman had been self-isolated and later she tested positive for the disease.