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COVID-19 affected found in bus

Driver, conductor under self-quarantine

Hatton Dickoya Municipal Council Public Health Inspector (PHI) R.R.S. Medawala said that after a person tested positive for COVID-19 in a Kadawatha Depot SLTB bus, which was travelling from Colombo Fort to Hatton, the depot Manager was instructed to place the bus driver and the conductor under self-quarantine.

The infected person who had been working at the Peliyagoda Fish Market had arrived from Colombo Fort at 11.40 am on October 18 in a bus bearing the number WP NB 8800 belonging to the Kadawatha Depot, he added. He requested the passengers who arrived in the bus that day to inform the relevant police stations and health authorities and self quarantine at their homes.

The infected person has been directed to an Ampara quarantine centre, he said.