Western Province curfew extended till November 9 | Daily News

Western Province curfew extended till November 9

* Eheliyagoda, Kurunegala MC area, Kuliyapitiya under lockdown
* Travel between Districts restricted
* Those under self quarantine to get ration packs
* Home delivery of essentials allowed

The quarantine curfew enforced in the Western Province has been further extended until November 09, Army Commander Lt. Gen. Shavendra Silva announced yesterday.

In a special statement aired yesterday, he noted that the curfew in the Western Province which was scheduled to be lifted at 5.00 am today (02) would be further extended until 5.00 am on November 9.

The quarantine curfew on the Western Province was imposed on October 29.

Lt. Gen. Silva in his statement said, “The curfew in the Western Province was supposed to be lifted at 5.00 am today (2). However, the government decided to extend the curfew taking into consideration the number of COVID patients reported, especially from the Western Province,” he said, adding that this measure was taken to prevent the virus from spreading.

“The highest number of positive cases was reported from the Western Province thereby, the government decided to extend the curfew in order to prevent the spread to other areas as well as to ensure that this does not spread within the Western Province as well,” he added.

He further stated that the quarantine curfew would also be enforced in the Eheliyagoda Police area, Kurunegala MC area and Kuliyapitiya Police area as well. The curfew in the above areas would also be in effect from 5.00 am today (2) until 5.00 am on November 9.

“Hence, we kindly request the people, especially in the Western Province, to be at home without going out of their houses. Only those engaged in essential services would be allowed to move around and others are requested to confine themselves to their homes.”

The Commander noted that home delivery system which was operational during the previous lock-down would once again be implemented to ensure that people in the areas where quarantine curfew has been imposed would be able to obtain their food supplies. This system would also be operational from today (02). Lt. Gen. Silva also noted that people who engaged in daily wage jobs would be entitled to the Rs. 5000 allowance provided by the government. Further, those who are under self-quarantine at their homes, would also be given a pack of essential supplies by the government during the upcoming week.

Therefore, the Army Commander appealed to the public to cooperate with the authorities and remain within their own districts without venturing out of their respective districts and adhere to health guidelines and assist the health and other relevant authorities to bring the rapid spread of the coronavirus under control.