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New hotline 0117 966 366 for COVID medical assistance

Persons who are having symptoms of COVID-19 are requested to call the hotline number 0117 966 366 issued by the Health Ministry and seek medical advice prior to visiting hospitals seeking treatment.

Health Ministry Secretary Maj. Gen. (Rtd) S.H. Munasinghe said the current strain of the Coronavirus is far more potent than the previous strain. Dr. Munasinghe advised the public to follow the health guidelines such as maintaining social distancing, washing hands and covering the mouth when sneezing among others.

The most vulnerable groups are the elderly, young children and those with other illnesses and impaired immunity.

“In case a PHI officer requests you to undergo a PCR test, please oblige and remain within the confines of your home until the results of the test is given and you are cleared,” he added.

The Health Ministry Secretary also noted that those showing signs of the COVID virus, who also suffer from respiratory illnesses or other illnesses that would reduce their level of immunity, would be admitted to level one hospitals with ICU facilities, while others who show signs of the virus but do not have any other underlying health conditions would be directed to level two hospitals.

In going to a hospital without proper direction could endanger other patients at hospital in the event the said person is a carrier of the virus or on the other hand, one could contract the virus from someone else who is having the virus at the hospital. Hence, Dr. Munasinghe noted that in the event anyone experiences any of the COVID symptoms, they should call the above mentioned number and seek medical advice and they would direct the person to the required treatment centre based on their specific condition.