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Pyxle International and Trabeya announce merger

Presantha Jayamaha and Sanjay Popat
Presantha Jayamaha and Sanjay Popat

Pyxle, a global digital consultancy based out of Sri Lanka which helps middle market companies accelerate their digital transformation journey, recently said it has reached an agreement to merge with Trabeya, an advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence products and solutions company serving a global customer base, with its operational team out of Sri Lanka and its headquarters in Singapore.

The combination of these two entities creates a leader in the data industry with the management, capabilities, resources and scale to successfully capitalize on the opportunities in this field.

Pyxle accelerates digital transformations for businesses with its holistic assessment of their current and desired digital roadmap and digital maturity, and thereafter outlines and implements an optimal data solution with product innovation and engineering, hosting, cloud and technology operations, robotic process automation, as well as systems integration.

Trabeya enables businesses to make effective decisions quickly with its data-driven machine intelligence solutions. Springboard, its cloud-based platform, seamlessly integrates plug-and-play tools, including proprietary artificial intelligence products, in to existing business workflows to achieve real-time analytics to enhance performance.

The merger of both companies creates a comprehensive offering all on one platform that delivers digital strategy planning and systems integration, data management and visualizations, and deep analytics powered by proprietary artificial intelligence tools, to enable a smooth and fully integrated customer experience to better serve business needs.

“We are thrilled to bring together our complementary offerings to further advance our customers’ experience at every stage of their digital journey,” said Founder, Chairman and Executive Director of Pyxle, Presantha Jayamaha.

“This strategic merger provides us with the opportunity to enter a promising new era, to leverage our combined core competencies in digital strategy as well as data analytics and artificial intelligence. We see huge potential to create a turn-key experience for our customers, who will give our employees the opportunity to have an even greater impact on the businesses that we work with,” said CEO of Trabeya’ Sanjay Popat.