Enterprises should adopt swift measures to overcome resurgence of COVID-19 waves - NCE | Daily News

Enterprises should adopt swift measures to overcome resurgence of COVID-19 waves - NCE

As the main representative of the export sector in Sri Lanka, the National Chamber of Exporters (NCE), makes an urgent plea to all Enterprises to adopt and adhere to effective measures to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic .

Currently the 02nd wave of COVID-19, is sweeping through many Countries in Europe and rest of the world. Simultaneously, the resurgence of COVID -19 from October 2020 in Sri Lanka will have a devastating effect on our economy together with livelihood of the people

Sri Lanka acclaimed plaudits from many World Leaders, for the successful measures adopted in preventing the spread of COVID-19, lead by the Government with the dedicated Health Sector officials and Tri Forces and Police. This demonstrated a very low mortality rate with a high recovery rate, compared to many countries in the world. In this endeavour, Business Ventures, especially those in the Export Sector, demonstrated their resilience and counter measures to overcome the new challenge.

As a result, the Country was able to display its brand image, prominently to the world.

The Exports sector swiftly got back to the track with noteworthy achievements over the past two months, by reaching pre-COVID 19 levels of US$ one billion in spite of the recessionary conditions in the Overseas Markets. But the devastating effects on the Tourism Sector and substantial reductions of remittances from overseas workers, most of who have lost their employment have made a negative impact to our economy.

The rapid recovery of exports to a great extent has been due to the innovative measures adopted by our export enterprises willing to adapt their Products and Services to satisfy the needs of overseas consumers, arising out of the new demands related to COVID -19. Also the enterprises adopting and maintain efficient health measures to sustain Supplies and Services attributed to buyer confidence too.

But in recent times, it was noticed that the community has taken things for granted by letting down the guard, by ignoring or not adequately adhering to the guidelines imposed by the Health Authorities.

Therefore it is vital that everyone gears fast to overcome the new challenge, by conforming health guidelines. In work places all Employees and the Management is equally duty bound to up hold health of all at work and adopt swift counter measures to overcome any threats at the first sign of a health-related issue.

These measures should be tailored to according to the scale of the enterprise. It is to note, the large enterprises, especially those in the Export Zones, having in-house Medical Personnel or the Small and Medium Sector, having designated staff should promptly seek the assistance from State Health Personnel in their respective areas, at the first sign of a threat to the health. In this regard, all employers and employees should resolve to protect their human resources to the maximum possible extent, without any lapses on their part, to overcome the current crisis situation.

The Chamber therefore makes an impassioned plea to all Stake holders of enterprises in our county, to be constantly vigilant, to protect everyone around while assisting the relevant state authorities.