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‘Unpredictable’ airborne particle levels in Kandy

Dr. Dusyanda Medagedara, a Specialist at the Respiratory Diseases Unit of the Kandy National Hospital, said that particles of unpredictable concentrations were found in the airspace of Kandy.

He added that this was revealed by a study conducted by the National Building Research Institute. Dr. Medagedara added that there was a gloomy atmosphere in the environment due to the smoke and that the dense gas particles had gone up.

It can greatly affect children, the elderly, and people with bipolar and respiratory diseases. Therefore, it is better for such people to stay away from its impact, he said.

He also said that air pollution is usually caused by burning forests, excessive smoke from vehicles, and dumping of household waste.

As far as Kandy is concerned, the city of Kandy is modelled on a concave character. That is because Kandy city looks like a pit geographically, He also said that the situation is increasing.

When considering Covid-19, it is safer for the public to wear face masks due to the spread of the disease.

Therefore, it is mandatory to wear face masks when travelling in the city.

He asked the public to refrain from coming to Kandy except for essential needs.