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Govt to implement home delivery services - DIG Ajith Rohana

Reverses earlier decision to open all essential food outlets in curfew imposed areas

The Government has decided to reverse the decision taken earlier to open all essential food outlets in curfew imposed areas and implement a home delivery option instead, Police Spokesman DIG Ajith Rohana said.

Addressing a virtual media briefing yesterday, the DIG noted that it has been decided to implement delivery services in areas where the curfew is in effect.

“Accordingly, the District Secretaries have been given permission to issue curfew permits in respect of these services. Each supermarket be it Sathosa or any other institution, could operate 15 delivery vehicles. In addition, each food centre can operate 10 delivery services. All pharmacies too will be allowed to operate their own delivery services in order to supply the required medicines to the public.”

DIG Rohana said that this delivery mechanism was enforced from yesterday and a Police officer has been assigned to each Divisional Secretariat and applicants needing such curfew passes could collect their application forms and obtain curfew passes from the DS in the area where their business establishment is located.

The Police Headquarters had amended the circular issued on Saturday in respect of the employees who could use their service IDs for travel.

“The initial Circular included 84 institutions where their employees could use their service IDs to travel during curfew. However, according to the amended circular, this number has been increased to 102 establishments. These include Ministries, Government and Non-Governmental institutions, Corporations and Statutory Boards. The employees of these 102 establishments could use their company IDs as curfew permits for travel during the curfew period,” he said. However, he added that this provision has been granted only for essential work and employees of such institutions should refrain from misusing this privilege. “Always use your ID only for official purposes, otherwise it would be an offence under the quarantine law if you misuse your service ID for personal travel.”

The DIG also noted that the support of the Grama Sevaka Officers and the Local Government Officers would be obtained in monitoring those who have been placed under self-quarantine. He said that it had been observed that some people placed under self-quarantine at their homes have been roaming carelessly evading the supervision of the police. “Therefore, in addition to the Grama Niladhari’ and members of Local Government bodies, the Police, Army and health officers would also be monitoring those under self-quarantine.”

Further, Police officers in mufti would also be deployed for surveillance to monitor those placed under self-quarantine to ensure they remain at home. If a person who has been ordered to self-quarantine leaves without permission or an outsider visits such persons under quarantine, these parties would be charged under the quarantine rules and regulations,” the DIG said.

Essential food outlets and pharmacies in curfew imposed districts were initially allowed to open two days a week from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm.

Accordingly, essential food outlets and pharmacies in the Gampaha and Kalutara districts were allowed to open on Mondays and Thursdays and in Colombo and Kurunegala districts on Tuesdays and Fridays from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. However, this system was found to be ineffective as crowds kept gathering at such food outlets and pharmacies to purchase their requirements, increasing the risk of COVID spread.