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Air pollution levels on the rise - NBRO report

According to data from the National Building Research Organisation's (NBRO) Air Quality Monitoring Centers, air pollution levels in Sri Lanka are on the rise.

The NBRO report stated that apart from the southern parts of Sri Lanka, the particulate matter level in the atmosphere in Colombo, Kandy, Puttalam, Vavuniya, Jaffna and other places has increased abnormally since October 27.

“The amount of particulate matter in the atmosphere has more than doubled in the last few days with respect to the levels recorded in the past few days. According to the U.S. Air Quality Index, the smallest particulate material, PM 2.5, has a value of between 100 and 150, a condition that can have a profound effect on sensitive groups,” the report stated.

It further stated that air pollution levels had been low in urban areas during past few days due to relatively low road vehicle movements with the COVID-19 pandemic situation in the country. Therefore, the reason behind this unexpected increase of air quality level could be linked with the variation of the wind pattern around the island. Based on the world air quality distribution map published in the Air Visual website, the air pollutant levels of the atmosphere in the Indian Continent is currently high and it could be a contributing factor to the Sri Lankan situation.

This pollution condition is expected to continue for the next few days and may cause some discomfort for sensitive groups (children, the elderly, pregnant women and people with respiratory illnesses).

However, the health sector has been alerted to the potential health effects of this condition, and it is advisable to follow a routine such as wearing a regular mask and minimizing strenuous activities (exercise, sports, work outdoors) to minimize health problems. Also, seek medical advice if you have any respiratory problems.