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Chagall opens at new venue

Gerald  owner of Chagall cuts the ribbon to open his salon at their new location
Gerald owner of Chagall cuts the ribbon to open his salon at their new location

Chagall , everyone’s hair and grooming destination, opened its doors at Parkland on Park Street Colombo 2 , with Master Stylist and Hair Wizard Gerald Solomons, personally welcoming all his clients and the media to the brand new Chagall.

Gerald who established Chagall as Sri Lanka’s most elite and fashionable salon, despite the prevailing situation with the pandemic and the existing

restrictions, displayed his usual flair and panache, greeting everyone with the socially correct ‘ayubowan’ and ensuring that each and everyone present was made to feel special and welcome. Continuing the bold colour scheme of red, black and white, Gerald like his muse Marc Chagall, has a wide range of styles that can cater to an eclectic clientele.

The artist Chagall saw his work as “not the dream of one people but of all humanity”; similarly Hair Wizard Gerald through his salon Chagall would like to transform each and every person who walks in through his door, so that they leave transformed, with a new confidence in themselves and their appearance.

Mrs World Caroline Jurie, clients and well wishers, keeping in mind health guidelines made their way to Chagall at Parkland on 20th October where Gerald and his team reaffirmed their commitment to their clients and the beauty industry, to continue upholding the highest standards and maintain all safety measures and health protocols.

Having established himself and Chagall as the hairdresser / stylist and salon of the elite, Gerald’s doors are open to anyone who wants to look good and different to those around them. “ Our doors are open to everyone who wants to look good, who wants to make a statement and who dares to be different” said Gerald .

Manicures, pedicures, long and short hair cuts and styles, make up, facials, bridal dressing, sari drapes and the whole gamut of services will be available, all in brand new surroundings.

All staff have undergone intensive refresher courses with Gerald being involved in their training himself.

Chagall was set up in New Zealand where Gerald lived for over 20 years and then moved back to Sydney where Chagall continued. Gerald has also worked in Hawaii, Australia and London.