China, WHO first video conference on COVID-19 traceability held | Daily News

China, WHO first video conference on COVID-19 traceability held

Chinese experts held the first video conference with their international counterparts from the World Health Organization (WHO) to exchange views on the traceability of the COVID-19 virus on October 30.

They outlined the progress of work in the areas of population, environmental, molecular, animal tracing and cold-chain transmission pathways of COVID-19. The WHO experts thanked their Chinese counterparts for their excellent work on the traceability of COVID-19, and briefed them on global scientific research in the field. The two sides agreed to continue their scientific exchanges and work for greater progress. WHO Director General Dr. Tedros and WHO Health Emergencies Program Executive Director Dr. Mike Ryan attended the conference briefly to deliver the message that WHO will fully support the global scientific and research cooperation on the traceability of the virus to better prevent and handle the pandemic.

China will continue playing an active role in the global efforts to study the traceability and transmission routes of COVID-19 and working with the international community to contribute to global virus tracing and anti-epidemic cooperation. The tracing of the virus is an ongoing process that may involve many countries and places. All relevant countries should adopt a positive attitude and cooperate with WHO like China does, the experts said.