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Seethawaka Investment Promotion Zone free of covid-19

The Seethawaka Investment Promotion Zone which consists of 27 factories and workers in the region of around 22,000 operating under the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka(BOI) are being operated in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

Also, PCR tests are carried out randomly in factories under the guidance of the BOI, both in and outside the investment zones.

In similar random PCR test done in the Seethawaka area , five employees out of 112 PCR tests carried out at one factory had been confirmed to have contacted the Covid 19 virus. They had been moved out to a safe house outside the zone.

However the second and third PCR tests has been negative. Since then the factory has been disinfected and commenced manufacturing according to health recommendations and all other factories in the region are operational.

The BOI emphasizes that all factories operate in a hygienic manner and there was no need for public to panic.So far 23,032 PCR tests have been conducted in the investment zones and factory owners have spent around Rs. 240 million for this.