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Maliban supports agro industry through locally sourced ginger

In an effort to assist in the sustenance and support of small scale farmers primarily located in rural regions of Sri Lanka, Maliban’s much loved Inguru Biscuit uses 100% locally sourced ginger.

This represents a key stride taken by the confectionery manufacturer to ensure that the local agribusiness landscape of Sri Lanka is uplifted.

The use of 100% locally sourced ginger is the culmination of a project that sprang into action in 2019. Maliban was able to identify farmers who had the potential to grow the best ginger, before providing them with the resources to cultivate ginger in the areas of Muddaragama, Divulapitiya, Pallewela, Meerigama, Narammala and Giriulla.

Maliban has already been able to reap the benefits of this project as consumer satisfaction is at an all-time high; Sri Lankan ginger has a stronger flavour and aroma compared to other varieties which makes it ideal for use in Maliban Inguru.

Taking this socially rewarding project even further, Maliban has also dedicated its efforts to cultivate Sri Lankan black pepper in areas such as Kolonna, Godakawela, Embilipitiya and Badalkumbura. This has made Maliban Inguru a uniquely Sri Lankan product which is poised to delight the taste buds of consumers across the world.

Maliban Biscuits General Manager Operations, Bandula Perera and Chief Operating Officer, Milk and Agri stated, “With Maliban Inguru, we are able to fulfill our objective of providing consumers quality products with natural, locally sourced ginger while simultaneously developing Sri Lanka’s agribusiness sphere. Since 2015, Maliban has reaffirmed its strong ties with farming communities by empowering over 3000 farmers to cultivate corn, soya and green gram in areas spanning across 3000 acres, such as Anuradhapura, Kurugegala and Monaragala. In 2018, we accomplished yet another milestone by expanding into Kotiyagala to establish a Mango cultivation which spans over 112 acres.

We also take great interest in community development projects in these areas to further enrich the lives of our local farming communities.”

As a corporate entity which cares for the communities it operates in, Maliban Inguru is yet another product which surpasses the ideal accompaniment for tea and coffee.