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Galle fishery community warned

The members of the Galle fishery community who are being quarantined are requested not to visit fishery harbours or boat anchorages until the respective medical test reports are issued, Galle District Regional Epidemiologist Dr. Venura K. Singakkara warned.

"If they do not follow the medical guidance issued by the health authorities, the consequences of such obstinate conduct will be seriously destructive to both the society and the corresponding individuals," Dr. Singakkara cautioned.

It is reported that eight fishery industrialists have visited fishery harbours during their self-quarantine period before the confirmation of their health status following the PCR medical tests carried out on them. Subsequently, when the PCR medical reports of those persons were out they were found to be infected with the virus.

The penalties of the said negligent behaviour would be shown within about two weeks to come, Dr. Venura indicated.

About 2,600 persons connected to the fishery industry in the Galle district were subjected to PCR medical tests out of which 2,217 examination reports have already been obtained.

Three hundred and sixty two reports are yet to be received. Out of the reports already received, 13 persons were tested positive. On Tuesday, 262 persons from the Dodanduawa and Hikkaduwa fishery communities underwent PCR tests while PCR tests were administered on 74 persons of Gonapinuwala.

"The Chairman of Hikkaduwa Urban Council requested to temporarily stop the sale of fish at the Dodanduwa Fishery Harbour to which we agreed upon. We have planned to carry out 2,000 PCR tests during the forthcoming two weeks in the Rathgama, Balapitiya, Induruwa, Hikkaduwa and Ambalangoda areas. We hope that we could bring the COVID-19 outbreak under control in the Galle district," Dr. Singakkara further said.