Anuradhapura farmers to be educated on soil conservation measures | Daily News

Anuradhapura farmers to be educated on soil conservation measures

The Anuradhapura District Agriculture Committee (DAC) warns farmers that large quantities of urea and triple super phosphate fertiliser has been absorbed into the soil which could result in contamination. Laboratory tests have revealed that the presence of urea as well the TSP molecules is around ten-fold higher than what the soil should contain.

Anuradhapura Government Agent and DAC Head R.M. Wanninayake told the Daily News that the farmers are to be educated to do away with the mythical belief that more fertiliser applied to the cultivation would bring about more yield.

Wanninayake said that as a solution, the use of carbonic fertiliser among the farmers is being encouraged while the manufacturing of carbonic fertilizer has been increased at agrarian development jurisdiction level. "Food security is important at this juncture and we need to enhance crops production. It shall be accomplished without harming or damaging the natural soil resources by introducing soil conservation techniques.

The agriculture research and production officers have been instructed to guide the farmers to obtain their soil samples which have been scientifically tested at a very affordable cost from the 42 Agrarian Development Centres in the district. Farmers could then decide the actual dosage of agro chemicals and artificial fertiliser to be applied to their lands," he said.

"We have been educating the farmer organisations and the officials also with regard to the techniques to be adopted to enhance crop production simultaneously to enrich the fertility level of the soil," Wanninayake further said.