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Curfew pass issuance to be eased

Police further eases the method of issuing curfew permits, while the staff members of 106 institutions could travel without permits using their service IDs, said Police Spokesman DIG Ajith Rohana.

“Permits for delivery operations could be obtained from the Divisional Secretariats while those engaged in the construction, agriculture and plantation industries could also obtain permits from the Divisional Secretaries. However, permission should be obtained from the Secretary to the Ministry of Water Supply for the large scale operations of factories. Factories under the purview of the Export Development Board, and the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka will not require special permission to operate during the curfew.”

The DIG also noted that vendors transporting rice, vegetables and other essential items into the Western Province from economic centres, do not require permits but a letter from the manager of that economic centre would suffice. He also stated that those transporting ice and ornamental fish for export also do not require permits to enter the Western Province. Also those transporting eggs to the Western province and poultry do not require permits and they could state the purpose at the check points and travel.

“All containers entering and exiting the port also do not require to obtain permits and stating their purpose is sufficient.”

The quarantine curfew in 112 Police Divisions of the Western Province, and two other Police Divisions including Kegalle, Eheliyagoda and the Kurunegala Municipal Council areas are still in effect. In addition, four Police areas have been isolated including Giriulla, Bulathkohupitiya, Mawanella and Hemmathagama police areas. Further, the Galigamuwa PS division area has also been isolated.

He noted that in the areas where the quarantine curfew is in effect no travel would be allowed except for essential service personnel and travel between districts is completely disallowed unless for essential services.

DIG Rohana stated that so far 2250 persons had been arrested for violation of curfew while 350 vehicles had also been taken into police custody. “Over 89,000 are being quarantined at present representing 22,000 families. In the Western Province alone over 12,000 families are in quarantine for having come in contact with infected persons,” he added.