Whole country rallying to control COVID second wave – State Minister | Daily News

Whole country rallying to control COVID second wave – State Minister

The whole country is rallying today to prevent the second COVID wave, Rural and Divisional Drinking Water Supply Projects Development State Minister Sanath Nishantha Perera said.

Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) Puttalam District leader and State Minister Nishantha Perera was addressing the SLPP supporters in Puttalam recently.

He said that religious leaders and followers conduct religious observances and rituals for well-being and peace of the country and the people.

“The people are rallying to protect the country from the virus” he added. The State Minister said the President and the Prime Minister were doing their utmost to safeguard the people from the disease and provide every possible support to the people in the affected areas.

“Even the most developed nations have failed to curb the COVID 19, but the Sri Lankan Government along with other stakeholders were defended the country against the first wave of the virus,” the State Minister said.

“The people, too, extended their fullest support and praised the Government for its commitment in this regard,” the State Minister said. The State Minister said that, however, following the success in controlling the first wave, some started to get complacent and abused the hard won freedom.

“Some people did not consider even their own safety and were instrumental in spreading a second COVID wave and even accelerated its spread,” the State Minister said.

“Because of them, the whole country is now facing a grave threat and the economy is receding,” the State Minister said.

He said that all should now contribute to saving not only themselves and their family members but also the entire society from the virus by forgetting the past and adhering to the health guidelines.