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Refugee from Rameswaran arrested in Mannar

A Tamil refugee who arrived in Mannar from Rameswaran, India on boat was arrested by the security forces and handed over to a quarantine centre.

The man had fled to India from Keeramale, Jaffna in 1990 and had paid Rs. 50,000 to a boatman to arrive in Mannar last Tuesday. Thereafter, he had rented a three-wheeler at Rs. 8,000 from Mannar to his sister's house in Keeramale in Jaffna. The 43-year-old man, Jeganathan Jenan, was arrested in Keeramale and was sent to a quarantine centre after the Security Forces obtaining an order from the Mallakam Magistrate's Court in Jaffna. Jaffna security authorities initiated legal action against him and steps have been taken to extradite the boatman who helped him to return from India.