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Bitten by the bug?

Amsterdam-based artist Cedric Laquieze creates creates eerie yet intriguing sculptures of fairies by piecing together various dead insect parts.

Over the last 20 years, Laquieze has created hundreds of unique insect fairies by piecing together bug parts that complement each other in terms of color and texture. He collects dead insects specimens given to him by breeders, takes them apart and then glues various parts (shells, legs, antennae, wings, etc.) together to create his fantastic faeries. Although some people are creeped out by Cedric’s creations, others find them utterly fascinating, and praise the artist for piecing together creatures that look almost lifelike.

Laquieze was fascinated by biology and insects growing up, and he collected dead insect specimens as a teenager. One night, 20 years ago, he realized that his sister’s birthday was the next day and that he hadn’t got her anything. He started taking apart some of his bugs and that night he made his first insect faerie.

“The aspect of the fairies that I like the most is that over the span almost 20 years and hundreds of fairies, I’ve never made the same piece twice, and the shapes colors and designs are extremely diverse from dark and intimidating to almost cartoon like or Victorian and classic each one has found its counterpart,” Laquieze said.

The unique fairies measure about 35 cm, and because they are made out of glued insect parts, they tend to be very fragile. For added protection, the artist covers them with glass domes. Oddity Central