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Matchmaking for the modern man

An Indian man’s matrimonial advertisement seeking a bride who is “not addicted to social media”, created a stir on Twitter today. The newspaper advertisement by a 37-year-old lawyer from the Indian state of West Bengal went viral, sparking hilarious reactions.

Nitin Sangwan, an IAS (Indian Administrative Service) officer, shared the photo of the print ad with a sarcastic comment. He wrote: “Prospective brides/grooms, please pay attention. Matchmaking criteria are changing.”

In the ad, the Kamarpukur man seeking a prospective bride mentioned his age, occupation, and place of residence before writing: “With no demand, groom seeks fair, beautiful, tall, a slim bride. The bride must not be addicted to social media.”

Soon people started re-sharing the ad with funny responses. Many tweeps said that while matrimonial ads are known to be regressive and sexist, this one took the cake for having the most ridiculous demand in the digital age.

Twitter user @MD21653291 wrote: “Such criteria create a mindset in the society that women who are not slim and fair, are worthless. And what is beautiful?”

Reacting to the man’s demands, tweep @Priyankadixit01 wrote in Hindi: “Bechara kunwara hi marega… (He will die a bachelor).”

Some wished the prospective groom good luck with his unrealistic requirement.

Twitter user @sumanthbharatha wrote: “He wants a tall, fair, slim, beautiful girl, plus expects her not to have an Instagram account! Good luck.”

And, @patel_pravalika posted: “That’s funny! Chatterjee won’t get married.”