Quarantine for people who travelled to Kataragama from WP | Daily News

Quarantine for people who travelled to Kataragama from WP

Seventy people who travelled to Kataragama from the Western Province when the curfew was enforced in that Province have been subject to a 14-day quarantine period according to the Kataragama MOH office.

Kataragama Administrative PHI Saman Disanayake told the media that it was revealed that these people who came to Kataragama from places like Gampaha and Colombo were staying with their friends, relatives and at guest houses.

The officers went to these places and quarantined them in the places where they stayed. He further said that 54 people who went from Kataragama to various places for businesses and for various activities were released on the conditions of health rules after a quarantine period of 14 days.

He requested from the residents to stay at home as this is a crucial time.

Admin PHI Saman Disanayake, Sellakataragama PHI Thaksila Madusanka, Kataragama PHI Dhilan Buddhika quarantin these people under the instructions of Monaragala District Director of Health Services B.M.C.Dasanayake.