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SLASSCOM launches global referral programme to boost exports

Channa Manoharan-Shiraz Lye-Mudith Uswatta
Channa Manoharan-Shiraz Lye-Mudith Uswatta

SLASSCOM recently launched its Global Referral Programme aimed at increasing export revenue for IT and BPM companies by connecting them with business opportunities via a global network of channel partners and influencers.

“Supporting our companies to make inroads into key markets is a key priority of SLASSCOM. The referral programme was initiated by SLASSCOM upon the insight that there are Sri Lankans living and working across the globe who are willing and able to connect Sri Lankan companies with prospective business opportunities,” said Channa Manoharan, Chairman SLASSCOM.

As the Board Director representing the Marketing Forum, Shiraz Lye stated that SLASSCOM keeps on exploring ways and means to increase export opportunities for IT-BPM sector companies in the country. Developing export business and partnerships through Sri Lankans living overseas has been successfully tried and tested by few member companies.

With insights and lessons learnt, we have formalised the Global Referral Program to scale up and benefit more of our members to get new export business to the sector. We will be collaborating with the Sri Lankan High Commissions in key markets along with support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Department of Commerce, the Board of Investment, the Export Development Board, and the ICT Agency of Sri Lanka, he added.

SLASSCOM Marketing Forum Head Mudith Uswatta added, that the programme is targeted at SLASSCOM member companies, which offer products and services that can cater to global market needs.”SLASSCOM members who enrol in the programme will gain a presence, target markets via the network of referrers it creates. The referrers will play an active role in promoting the company’s products and services of companies in the programme.

He further explained that the programme is driven by Sri Lankans living overseas and other foreign parties who will be bound by MOUs with SLASSCOM. Potential leads brought in by these parties will be matched with suitable local companies in the programme, thus facilitating targeted networking and optimal funnelling of new business opportunities.

The Global Referral Programme will commence with a limited number of companies at a nominal annual fee. During this initial rollout phase of the programme SLASSCOM will not charge any other fees for leads distributed or business won via introductions originating from the programme.

A dedicated team at SLASSCOM will spearhead this programme, making sure that necessary networking opportunities are provided, leads are followed up and overseas exposure and marketing are received. In addition to connecting local businesses with prospective foreign clients, the Global Referral Programme is also designed to encourage more companies to join SLASSCOM as member organisations to increase their scope, reach and network and be a part of a bigger and empowered community and to reap benefits of networks and connections.

SLASSCOM is the national chamber for the knowledge and innovation industry in Sri Lanka and acts as the catalyst of growth by facilitating trade and business.