‘Follow health guidelines; learn to live with COVID’ | Daily News

‘Follow health guidelines; learn to live with COVID’

Akkaraipattu Medical Officer Dr. Faroosa Nakfer requested the public to follow the health guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Wearing face masks, maintaining social distance and washing hands regularly are highly important in this regard, she said.

“Gathering in large numbers at public places is not allowed, but the public disregard this instruction more often. Furthermore, they should inform the relevant sectors if they notice strangers in their neighbourhoods,” she said.

The MOH said that the COVID-19 second wave could be controlled if the public extended their full support to the health sectors and the Security Forces. “Unless people support, the disease cannot be contained. Therefore, they should come forward to help eradicate the virus,” she said.

“By 2021 January, the third wave of COVID-19 may attack us. Elderly people and children will have to be very careful as they will be the most affected. Scientists say the best solution in this regard is learning to live with COVID-19,” she said.

“However much we advise the public to follow our guide lines, certain people claim that is their style and no one could interfere with it. This is a very bad attitude,” she said.

“It’s our bounden duty to protect not only us, but our loved ones and others from this deadly disease by following the health guidelines,” she said.