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Enter President Joe Biden

The outcome of the US Presidential election went according to the script with Democratic challenger Joe Biden prevailing after a cliffhanger. Also conforming to the script was the anticipated backlash to the results by incumbent President Donald Trump who from the very outset cast doubts on the authenticity of the voting, especially the mail-in or absentee vote, which eventually did him in.

At the time of writing the Trump camp has filed a slew of lawsuits challenging the results and a recount is on in several States although the result in Pennsylvania had already clinched the issue with Biden having topped the magical Electoral College tally of 270. This reality has apparently not dawned on the Trump camp which is planning a nationwide message blitz and campaign style rallies aimed at casting doubts on the result, which, to put it mildly would be an exercise in futility and an embarrassment to America which has cast itself as the supreme guardian of democracy.

Many other countries have already questioned America’s democratic credentials in a scenario where a candidate defeated in a legitimate democratic electoral exercise has refused to concede the election even against the sober counsel of advisors in President’s Trump’s inner circle. Former Republican President George W. Bush and 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney have also pleaded with Trump to leave with grace.

Pressure was also mounting on Trump to step down, albeit indirectly, with many world leaders already officially accepting Biden as the President-elect with a flood of congratulatory messages.

The Biden camp has already put together a transitional team to work out the modalities of his journey to the White House. With Trump refusing to make the traditional “concession” and Joe Biden already having made his victory speech, the next two months leading to the official acceptance of the Presidency for Biden, no doubt, is going to see the polarization of the American public that was witnessed during the four years of the Trump Presidency and heightened during the election campaign explode into cataclysmic proportions unless saner counsel prevails.

Any instability in the USA is going to have severe repercussions down the line, with rogue states and tyrants seizing on the opportunity to destroy and eviscerate democratic systems. The aspersions cast on the conduct of the American leaders following the just concluded elections is going to benefit those who have long viewed democracy with a jaundiced eye.

Meanwhile, the magnanimity shown by Present-elect Joe Biden to his vanquished opponent and his message for unity and the urgent need for healing the deep wounds will raise hope among many Americans that Biden will be the ideal leader to bring about the necessary rapprochement in unifying a deeply fractured and dismembered nation where systematic racism, divisive policies and belligerent Governance marked the American political discourse during the last four years. Biden is expected to dismantle all the Trump era structures that gave rise to the deep divisions and the systematic flaws that cast adrift the American society.

Biden has already placed combating the Coronavirus as his number one priority on which he would be solely guided by science and the views of medical specialists such as top infectious diseases expert Dr. Anthony Fauci. He will also introduce a national Mask Mandate in consultation with Governors and Mayors.

On the foreign policy front the President-elect has vowed to deal with China in consultation with America’s allies and refused to have any discussions with the North Korean leader until the latter gets rid of his nuclear arsenal. There will also be a re-alignment with bodies such as NATO which Trump reviled and cut funding, the World Health Organisation (WHO) which Trump withdrew from and also international agreements such as the Paris Accord on Climate Change. The respect for Human Rights, being a strong suit of all Democratic-led Governments, will also be back on the agenda of the new dispensation.

The election itself was an intriguing one which surpassed anything in the history of American Presidential Polls, not least because it was held amidst the deadliest pandemic to hit the world, with nearly 10 million infections and 240,000 deaths in the USA alone. The closeness of the contest and the razor thin majorities too stand out.

While Joe Biden bagged 74 million votes, the highest ever by any US Presidential Candidate in 240 years, Donald Trump came pretty close with 70 million votes, once again defying the dire predictions of pollsters. This is a fact which cannot be easily dismissed and which places him with more than a good chance if and when he decides to throw his hat to the ring again in 2024 (when he will be 78, the same age Biden is now).

Until then the outgoing President would be doing himself a world of good if he folds his tents now and bides his time until January 20, 2021 instead of trying to muddy the waters that would not do him or the United States of America any good.