Navy seizes over 5.711 metric tonnes of smuggled turmeric | Daily News

Navy seizes over 5.711 metric tonnes of smuggled turmeric

Consignments of smuggled turmeric.
Consignments of smuggled turmeric.

The Navy apprehended six suspects with over 5.711 metric tonnes of dried turmeric that was to be smuggled into the island during special operations conducted in Northwestern Naval Command’s jurisdiction, last Friday.

Accordingly, the Navy seized a stock of dried turmeric brought by an Indian dhow while it was being loaded to a local dinghy at the International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL), off Kudiramalei Point. The stock contained over 3.218 metric tonnes of dried turmeric in 78 sacks. Moreover, the Navy also apprehended two Sri Lankans and four Indian nationals engaged in the racketeering.

Meanwhile, the Navy also seized a hidden stock of dried turmeric stuffed in 45 sacks during a search operation carried out in Mohoththuwaram on November 6; the hidden consignment contained 1.256 metric tonnes of dried turmeric.

Furthermore, the Navy also recovered 1.237 metric tonnes of dried turmeric smuggled by racketeers during another search operation conducted at the Thudawa beach in Kalpitiya; the consignment consisted of 48 sacks. The two Sri Lankans arrested in these operations were identified as residents of Kalpitiya who are aged 26 and 28. Them, their dinghy, and the 695kg of dried turmeric loaded onto it were handed over to the Silawathura Police for further action.

Further investigations are currently under way with regard to the remaining consignments of dried turmeric taken into custody by the Navy. Meanwhile, the Indian nationals, along with their dhow, were repatriated to India due to the current COVID-19 pandemic situation.